History and Evolution

Until the year of 2001, the dedication of Escadimais was throwers the commercialization of construction products and our premises where located in Oiã. Was in that year that Escadimais decided to specialize the production of something specific: portable stairs and stepladders. Nowadays, the company has excellent premises with about 3587, 97y2. Working with our technologic advanced equipments this company dedicates to the manufacturing and storage all kind of aluminum stairs and stepladders. The company has de capability to produce all its range of products under the brand names of its customers . Due to this factor, along with the quality of our products and the focus of all efforts on the customer satisfaction, the Escadimais has been growing year after year. For the futures, the main objective of the company is to continue this growth in a sustainable manner, maintaining same relationships of integrity and trust with employees, customers, suppliers and other business partners.


The mission of Escadimais is to produce and commercialize aluminum stepladders and stairs that have several needs in the market. Always focused on innovate and improve all its products both in terms of technical quality and safety for all users of our products.


For the future Escadimais want ́s to be a reference in the European production of stairs and stepladders, conquering markets untapped and leaving its mark of quality and trust with all entities in which it interacts.